The Mind Game

The farthest distance in this world is how it is, and how you thought it would be…

8 1/2 x 11 Acid free paper


~ by artveronica on May 21, 2023.

6 Responses to “The Mind Game”

  1. Got to admit kid; we sure are looking at one huge mind game!

    Yea “playing those mind games forever and lifting the veil!”

    “Love is the answer, love is the flower, you got to let it grow!”
    If that were only true; not in this world!

    I like it Veronica! 😉 👍 🇺🇸 🌷🤗 🖖 🙏 🙏 ❤🌹🌈🌞 😇 😇 💞 🙏💗 ✝️

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    • Thank you Lawrence, and we are living in such a time. I am praying more 🙂 The painting is perfect example of the statement, what I thought it would be , to what it is. Thank you for the like and the songs. Very appreciated. Take care. V

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      • Wow so connected Veronica! I was just talking with a sister of mine 20 minutes ago as I was hiking with my new little sweet dog; about this art work and how it was so profoundly connecting to some serious thinking I’ve been doing the last few days about this earth shaking time we’re living in and how so much is connected globally, but yet, such harsh disconnect and division happening all over the place! Yes remembering the true meaning and mystery surrounding this life we all share has been revealed and much more revelation is coming, regardless of how much push-back comes from the opposition; only the Truth and Love will prevail!
        It is scary and sad to me, but then by faith alone I can pull myself up by my own bootstraps to remember where it’s at, and John Lennon was saying such fitting things in that tune which apply to right now as I see it, and your work of art, the link! How does that happen, the way you are coming forward with this inspiring creation when it’s needed and so familiar with others like me; I’m blown away! But it’s all good, because the power in all of this is eternal and from God, a gift! It says Hope!
        Man I’m in tears again as I just sat down to write and I have that song playing now echoing through time to the love and promise that is ours for the asking, we only need to hold onto that faith with determination and humility, to stay in the graces of the all-knowing loving Author of our existence! Keep those beautiful sparks of creativity glowing within Sister! 🙂
        You’re welcome! Thank you very much and blessings to you and yours! The more I look at this painting the more I think!
        God is so good and cares beyond our understanding! 🕊🙏
        Peace out.

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      • Esse tamen et quiete parum daemon! Azazel Cavete vobis damnati te semper! Recede in nomine Iesu Christi! ✝


  2. Hi AV, great depth and color, and that statement about the gap between what seems to be and what really is, resonates with me. As in the older I get the smaller my circle of friends becomes as I grow apart from them; or making peace with myself even if I don’t achieve a particular peak, because there’s more than one peak in life anyway, best regards Graeme 4TR.

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    • Hello Graeme, thank you , the statement is so very true for me as well. I find sometimes making peace with yourself is not easy. When I read your posts, I realize that no matter how glamorous a life may seem, well it might not be. And you are so correct, there are more than one peak in life. All my best, AV 😉


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