Break Out

Small, unnoticed window
The long drop with marginal risk
Stay, you know how it rolls
Leave, you don’t


Oil on linen
12 x 16 x 1/2

~ by artveronica on August 26, 2021.

7 Responses to “Break Out”

  1. As always the Reader function on my blog did not alert me to this… Impressionism and color fields… very very nice. I love it!


  2. It seems criminal that your work isn’t hanging in MoMA or some version of the Guggenheim outside of New York…

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  3. You use the tag “Outsider Art”. If this is your way of announcing you are self taught or don’t know “the rules” your instincts for visual creativity are pretty damn great! Please stay “outside”. You are kicking a lot of ass out here! Lol!

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    • Thank you Daniel, I always appreciate your comments. I think a lot of artists feel like “outsiders” , and yes it definitely fits me.
      I go back to your posts many times, and learn and enjoy . Best always

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  4. Happy New Year! Let’s hope you bless us all with a lot more paintings this year. You’re too good to be invisible…


  5. The rhythms and cadences of art intrigue me, whether its a painting or music, the ambiguity and mystique of a metaphor, the crystal clarity of a beautiful voice, all the uncertainty/risk of taking a leap- Jump is all these things .


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