Buried Cable. Call before digging

Oil/ Linen
11 x 14 x 3/4

~ by artveronica on July 28, 2016.

12 Responses to “Caution”

  1. I LOVVVVVVVVE IT!!!!! Your dive into color has totally paid off.

    9.7 million stars out of 5!!


  2. It is very very very very very very great!! You are establishing a solid basis for all future Minne-malists to build on!

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  4. Junichiro Tanizaki said:: “That quality we call beauty… must always grow from the realities of life…”

    Thus, your beauty does not have to be the formal properties of art, a genre, a color, a shape, or anything. Abstract expression comes from the realities of your life when you do it with what you have/can afford, what you see and hear all around you, and so on.

    Watching winter geese land in a field… living that moment is beauty.

    While the American classical acedemy was waiting and looking for an American innovator like Mozert to arise within their own country… one did. But they didn’t see him… because that Mozart was a black orphan from New Orleans with a trumpet… named Louis Armstrong, whose style and playing in his own genre was as revolutionary as Mozart’s in his.

    Out of a street waif with a prostitute mother came the roar of a lion that is still echoing around the world in every jazz musician who has ever picked up an instrument. His music spoke of joy and sorrow and struggle and triumph in the very imperfect bustle of poor streets.

    Beauty comes from Life, ugliness comes from Life…. “art” comes from pens and saxophones and paintbrushes, computers, cameras, and architectural rulers….

    Your paintings are beautiful because you have lived them out of Minnesota and onto a canvas…

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