And one day it came to pass …

10 x 14 x 3/4
© VeronicA

~ by artveronica on June 26, 2016.

20 Responses to “Justice”

  1. Oooohhhhh… that is just gorgeous. Love the “hot” side especially. Nice, nice work. For some reason it reminds me of Jasper Johns.


  2. I love the black cross-like lines in the red. It gives the work a kind of enigmatic “Christian” element. Red, blood, stigmata, crucifixion…the left side the white walls of Jerusalem, the orange zip in the middle the Valley of Hinnom where the dead were burned.

    Who knew that Minne-malism could speak to abstractions of “holy” (?) iconography!?! The cross/red: Christ’s blood spilt? The blood of heretics spilt?

    The red tears of the Christ as he watches his faithless children destroyed by “thou shalt not kill”-ers in the act of killing!!

    This is great!!

    You are great!


    • You are very kind. I always appreciate your insight. Thank you doesn’t seem like a big enough word (words?)

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      • You are the founder of Minnesota Minimalism (“Minnemalism) and I wait for your work like I excitedly stand outside of Le Center Pompidou in Paris, one minute before it opens!!


      • Now that is one heck of a compliment. Not sure if I measure up to that but sure will keep trying! Thank you for your support. I learn so much from your posts as well.

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      • You will never “measure up”… because YOU are the measurement. Picasso didn’t compete with himself! 🙂


      • Alright, I am smiling,

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      • Never confuse fame with significance. Van Gogh sold one painting in his lifetime. The public saw garbage where he saw ferocious joy in light.

        Paint YOUR life! That is the greatest success in the history of the Universe.


      • Makes you wonder what was wrong with the public back then, right?

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      • Actually, there is nothing wrong with the public per se, neither is there anything right with the public. The public had every right to not like or get Van Gogh. Art is not fascism, and genius has no right to demand anything from the public. If the nameless, faceless public wants Hello Kitty and gangster rap, then it gets it, with or without our moral permission. When art becomes morality, then we are no different than the religions that sought to stop art, thought, science, sex, music, and so on… just not as violent.

        This is why YOUR work is important because it is YOURS, and you need no permission or acceptance or anything from a public. I would make the SAME art on the moon by myself, with no contact with earth, ever. You make what you make because “you are.”

        I know a passionate artist who trained at the Chicago Institute School (with Ray Yoshida and the Imaginists) who painted as her house was burning to the ground. Firefighters saved her, as she dragged the painting with her.

        The woman knew/knows the value of being herself: anonymity is irrelevant; the Work is all, the Work is Life, the Work is worth everything, and that is all. Her life is all and the Work is life, by HER choice.

        Besides, the public can also unlike things as fast as they like them. Taste is unreliable, fame is a trap, and the need for attention is a cancer.

        “The public” can only offer applause, this is the inherent impotence of a “public.”

        You offer art… you WIN!!


      • What you said is true. Every artist has something to offer. Some will like it and others not so much. Thank you Daniel.

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      • Once again this is just an opinion and not scientific fact. BUT… I like to think I have great taste (meaning I am so passionate about various things, I like to think my passions are facts!).

        “Isn’t it amazing how everything that I like is so amazing?!” 🙂


      • Now that is amazing 🙂


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  5. Love the colors! Great piece!


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