The Glad Game

The Glad Game

Yes it is true. Sometimes even Pollyanna has a difficult time playing The Glad Game.

24 x 30 x 1 1/4

~ by artveronica on March 15, 2014.

8 Responses to “The Glad Game”

  1. Love this one, too. The brush strokes. The feeling of movement. Great composition. And great title, too.


  2. This is fantastic. I just mentioned “The Awakening of Pollyanna” on my blog. Hopefully, more people will come and check out your wonderful work!


  3. Boy, I love looking at this latest work so much I had to comment a second time. Abstraction is way harder to do well than photorealism… there is no ‘subject’ to copy. Nothing wrong with pictorial stuff, but to me the real magic of paint lies in colours and texture before form or ‘forming’…all/both of which you are so great with.

    6 stars out of 5! 🙂


    • Thank you again Daniel .
      I appreciate your thoughts.
      I enjoy your blogs too.
      Always learn something new or
      get motivated to improve myself!


      • If there is anything i have learnt from being a full time artist is that there is always something to improve! In fact I fear the day there isn;t anything left to improve. Perfection = creative death! And there is nothing like ‘limits’ to drive invention and creative innovation! 🙂


      • Agreed!!


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