I grew up on our family farm near Iberia in Minnesota.   The white farm house so large to me then, would be quite small to me now.   My grandfather,  parents and 12 siblings filled the house, yet it never seemed crowded to me.  We were sort of like the Waltons, but not exactly.  By this statement you know I have a sense of humor, and sarcasm runs deep in our family.
I would take many walks in the woods of Iberia.   In it’s historic past, this small village was often referred to as Brimstone Corners.  Iberia gradually lost usefulness with progress.  It slowly faded away.  The old Oak Ridge cemetery, the woods and a few homes are the only visual remains today.

Where I grew up, life experience, and nature offer inspiration when I paint.    My paintings are varied.   Some are nature-inspired,  some carefree and fun to thought provoking and serious.   Windows and doors are often represented  in my work.  They are portals.   Old buildings and brick stir the imagination. Some of my favorite artists are Van Gogh, Pollack, Rothko, and the newest Shimamoto. Photographers, writers, musicians, sculptors,  all artists make things click for me. I appreciate all.

My work has been published in Folio, American University, Art Business News, and New Art International.  I have exhibited in  group shows throughout the country, most recently at CUARC in Chicago.   I have shown work in Grand Forks Gallery, Grand Forks, B.C. and completed several commissions. Just recently, I was interviewed by http://www.Featuredemagazine.com. That was a wonderful experience.

I believe there is a real importance and necessity to preserving history and architecture. I am very thankful to my strong and brave ancestors.  They have all my love and admiration.  I am from Iberia.

~ by artveronica on February 28, 2012.

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank you for stopping by Storyteller. There is some wonderful art on your site. — Ray


  2. Great selfie! Maybe you can smile in the next one, I would like that!

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    • The Next I have to type better!


      • Thank you for all the support. Yes, maybe next time I won’t look so serious. 🙂

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      • Ha-hah your sweet! I do kid a bit too you might find out or already know! I think the look or seriousness is fine and very complementary showing that extra edge of “professionalism” so I don’t know what you were thinking or wanted to project and have no business judging it at all really; but then that fun side of me comes out to speak when I’m not spoken to and I may very well put my own foot into my mouth!

        I admit I was mainly thinking about how you look smiling which I’m sure is fantastic, so it was just a personal interest to see the artist in that way!

        All the kidding aside you are doing fantastic beautiful work and you are “an accomplished fine artist” that I appreciate and admire! You are wonderful and my desire to see the artist smiling is just a quirk of my own personality or thinking and means very little to nothing in your art!

        I know we are both smiling on the inside where it really matters my friend! You are “very cool” Veronica! 🙂 🙂
        God bless!

        Your admiring friend,

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      • Sorry the typo got by me, “you’re” Sweet! I really have to slow down and be watching the details!!!
        Too easy to click and send when not ready for me! BTW the history is also fantastic to me too!!!
        WOW like the Walton’s that is awesome!
        God bless!


  3. Well , I was thinking, crap, I am not photogenic 🙂 You have made my day. Thank you

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    • Hey hold tthe phone Lady! Forget that crap thing you are beautiful and I’m not just talking off the cuff! I have to run have several places to be in the next few hours so I can’t go into detail now but will later! Your art is beautiful and so are you; come on it all comes from you so inside you most certainly are but it shows so well outside too!
      Bogart would say, here’s looking at you kid!

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